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    I'm new to PFSense and having trouble getting it configured correctly. I have PFSense on Hyper-V with 2 nic card. I set the LAN as and enabled DHCP. I also connected an un-managed switch to LAN port to connect additional network devices. The issue is I'm seeing DCHP leases from internal instances running on Hyper-v, however any physical devices connected to LAN port are not getting an IP. Hopefully I didn't forget a step or need to set-up additional rules.


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    No need to add additional rules.
    Better : for every interface, hidden rules rules permit DHCP traffic to flow anyway.
    The DHCP is setup and activated on the LAN interface.
    So, if DHCP attribution doesn't work, there is an issue with your VM.

  • Thanks for you response. Before I format the drive and start over, below are my settings that I'm hoping could be the culprit. I turned off my firewall on Hyper-V server, set the virtual switch to internal LAN and attached to the 2nd port on the nic card and attached the PFSense LAN adapter to the LAN port. 2_1551119593882_PFSense1.jpg 1_1551119593882_pfsense2.jpg 0_1551119593882_pfsense3.jpg0_1551119800073_pfsense4.jpg

  • You need to change the switch type from internal to external and map it to the NIC port where your physical switch plugs in.

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    I'm now able to get an IP address with devices connected to switch. My next items is to apply a VLan for a unify AP.

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    I have been over this a few times as of late - you need to use powershell to put your switch in trunk mode.. Pretty sure I did some screenshots with walk through recently

    Here is thread where I show doing vlans with hyper-v