Portforwarding problem: https is working, http is not

  • Hello,

    i have a weird problem, maybe someone can help: I am running PFSense with some 50+ WiFi access Points on the LAN interfaces. I have configured LAN and OPT1 as members of a bridge ( and each WiFi device was perfectly reachable from the Internet.
    Now I had to change this: For various reasons I need a different network on OPT1 (192,168.97.1/24). I removed the two interfaces from the bridge, deleted it and assigned the new network to OPT1. The LAN interface is still operating on the same configuration ( Nothing has been changed on the settings of the WiFi access points, their IP-addresses and gateway information remains unchanged. Strange enough, I can only reach the devices using https (Port 443), all devices using http (port 80) are not reachable anymore. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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  • Resolved!

    It turned out to be a problem with the NAT outbound rules: By deleting the bridge (its name was set to "LAN") all outbound rules to the Wifi devices have been automatically changed to WAN (they were set to LAN before). However, after setting up LAN1 and OPT1, these rules have to be set manually to the right interface. It was just a coincidence that the https-device was still working as it does not need an NAT outbound rule.

    Thread closed ... :-)