issue with openvpn and azure cloud, need for netgate to comment

  • hello and thanks for reading this.
    I am asking for someone from netgate to look into this.

    I have been trying very hard and working with talented people in this forum and I cannot get something that should be very easy done.

    I am having issues with a pfsense instance in azure cloud and not being able to have that instance be an openvpn client to my SG1110 netgate box.

    I am concerned that the azure instance has only one network interface,wan and there is no lan interface. the wan is connected to what would be the local network and perhaps that is a problem.

    can someone please take a look.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Will reply there. Locking this thread to prevent duplicate effort.

    One interface should not be a problem there. It will have two logical interfaces which is fine for routing between.


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