Watchguard xtm 5 issue

  • Hi
    II see that mant xtm 5 experts post here. I've been running pfSense on a xtn 5 with mod bios for months and see that the unit is under utilized. So how I'd like to install Proxmox Vm in order to run multiple Os. But can't get Proxmox to boot nor Debian Os. Any ideas why?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Wrong console? Trying to boot UEFI only? Doesn't 'see' the boot media?

    What error do you see?


  • Stephen
    What do you mean " Wrong Console??"

    How do I boot to UEFI Only?

    After Esc to boot timer, I get a blank screen on console via Putty.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you boot an image that does not use a serial console by default you won't see anything unless you have the VGA header hooked up.
    The XTM5 does not have a UEFI bios. It you try to boot an image that requires UEFI it won't boot.

    Are you trying to boot USB? Do you know the pfSense installed boots USB, you've made the required BIOS changes?


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