SG-1100 Throughput Question

  • I just got a SG-1100 in the mail today and I'm excited to use and learn pfsense.

    I'm running into a bit of an issue and I was wondering if I could get some help or clarification on it.

    I've got a cable internet connection that is 1gig down and 50meg up. (or there abouts). I'm running a Macbook pro with a usb C adapter to gig ethernet.

    With an Edgerouter x I can get 900mb down and with a Ubiquiti USG I get about the same, both via the Speedtest App. At my desk where i tested this it goes through 3 gigabit switches before getting to the USG. All cables are cat5e or cat6 and well under 100m each.

    But with the SG-1100 i'm only getting 350-400mb down over the internet. It's consistent there no matter if it's directly connected to the cable modem or through a couple switches and behind my USG. (i've tested other routers behind the USG and they get 800-850). speedtest-cli run from ssh gets in the 320-380 range. (I'm assuming the small variance is from other internal or external users in the cable internet shared bandwidth)

    I've tested with iperf3 between my mac laptop and another macbook that is connected via a usb3 gig ethernet adapter. Iperf was showing about 700Mbits/sec. My mac -> SG-1100 -> Netgear Gig Switch -> Netgear Gig Switch -> Tplink poe gig switch -> Other macbook. Iperf through that same setup with the SG-1100 removed showed 925Mbits/sec (this difference seems to be in line with published specs)

    Pfsense is factory defaulted, and tests are done straight after install wizard. I turned on ssh, and customized the dashboard. Version 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2(arm64) and it shows as the latest version. Interfaces both show 1000baseT <full-duplex> MTU shows 1500 all around.

    CPU usage flickers between 17-35% but goes up to 68% when running a speed test.

    TLDR: Brand new SG-1100 drops to about half speed when doing speedtests to the internet. Internal network iperf3 tests hit 700mbs but internet speed tests (both from macbook and ssh speedtest-cli) hit 350mbs. My other routers don't show this same type speed drop.

    Any ideas why this is happening? What could be causing this? Is this to be expected? Am I making some boneheaded mistake?

    Let me know if I need to give any more information.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hi, do you have a ticket open with us about this?

    If not please open one at so we can review your config directly.


  • I have not. I'll do that now.

  • Did this issue get resolved? I used to get easily 950 Mbps with an ERLite-3, but now I only get about 450 up and down with a brand new SG-1100.

  • Nope. We tried a whole lot of things and it never got higher than what you were seeing. I got 900 something routing through it on my internal network Laptop - Gig switch - SG-1100 - Gig Switch - Second laptop

    But the second it hit the cable modem to the internet throughput got cut in half.

    I'm still waiting for further firmware/software updates. I haven't looked in a few weeks to see if there has been anything new.

    But to be fair, the second i use the device for its real capabilities and not just a dumb but good firewall/router like the edgerouterX, it's throughput is what i would expect it to be. And it's plenty for nearly all typical use cases for it's price point.

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