• It doesn't matter which browser I use, if i clean or not clean cache/cockies. Sometimes it gives me CSRF check failed error or just loads for several minutes resulting in nothing or sometimes logs me in. When i am logged into pfSense i can navigate anywhere just fine except dashboard it either hangs up or loads for several minutes. Sometimes it even takes a while to load any option not just dashboard.

    Does anyone have any suggestions what could be the problem?

  • Disabling the IPSec Widget did the trick for me, is somehow broken since 2.4.4-p2 but was working fine in 2.4.3-p1.

  • Its actually due to because there was no WAN signal, weird but yes.

  • Check the forum. This happens a lot. Most often, it's a some sort of DNS time out issue.
    For example : if you list installed packages on GUI Dashboard, the GUI will refresh that list when showing the dashboard. A DNS request goes out for the 'package server', and can't reach it.
    Same thing for the pfSense version check.

    What happens when you go directly to another page, like https://pfsense.yourlan.tld/status_services.php instead of the Dashboard (the default home page).