Available Packages

  • When I select available packages it does not bring anything up. I have a Netgate SG-3100.

  • You mean this one :


    Did it showed available packages in the past ?
    It never showed any packages ?

    Have a look at your :


    You see the "Version information updated at Thu Feb 28 15:45:56 CET 2019" ?
    What is your date / time ?

    The question that takes care of 75 % of all "can't upgrade/update/install packages" cases : you broke the DNS, so pfSense itself can't reach out to the Internet anymore.
    Repair or undo your DNS settings - go back to the "always works" mode : the one that was present by default.

    If not, you are lined up for the conquest : "Asking a question without any useful information" 👍

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