I got a small prb I'm not exactly sure how to say this

  • on a game called The Simpsons tapped out for the android some times it work and other time it does not work on my network Can this some kind a port block or something else on pfsense

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    Did you in stall a package to do that? Out of the box pfsense blocks nothing outbound at all.

  • I got 2 package install snort and squid

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    Well yeah both can block... Why would you install those unless you know how to configure them.

  • I snort setup for alerts and not automatically block and i setup squid just right I know for a fact that's not blocking the game

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    Just the act of proxy can break some things. I would suggest you uninstall snort and proxy and do you have same problem... If so then we can troubleshoot what might be the issue.

    But again pfsense out of the box blocks nothing outbound..

    Is this game need inbound ports and your using UPnP to do those - you set them up by hand with port forwards? Its kind of hard to help you without some actual details. Which ports are being blocked? In which direction, how do you know they are being blocked? etc. etc.

    Sofar we have sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.. Hard to work with that ;)

    And this is running on your android phone? How do you know the problem is not with your wifi? Are you running wifi in pfsense? Love to help but have zero info to work with here.

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    Seems very unlikely an Android game would require inbound connections. But I guess strange things happen!

    Also are we to assume that if you are not using wifi or you use wifi at some other location it works every time?

    But, yeah, more info needed.


  • I use a wireless router on access point only the game does work sometimes most of the time the game does not work I have all my devices on my network static IP if you need any more information please let me know

  • @grapeape22 said in I got a small prb I'm not exactly sure how to say this:

    on my network static IP

    When you buy a device (computer, phone, TV, whatever) it has DHCP activated.
    Big advantage : it will work out of the box, anywhere. Every time. No settings needed.

    Static IP : things will go down hill fast.
    People tend to : use wrong mask. Wrong gateway. Wrong DNS.

    Also : your Wifi device (access point).
    It's hooked up to your LAN ? In that case, it should NOT route. you should (must) de activate DNS, DHCP, router mode.
    If your pfSense LAN is, I advise you to set a static IP on your wifi device (yep, this is an exception) to mask 24 Gateway DNS

  • I know how to setup a static IP this is information correct i be fixing computers as a hobby for long time when I play the game on cell network then switch over to Wi-Fi did the game works

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    Dude don't know what to tell you but pfsense blocks nothing out of the box...

    How does the game fail? Does it give you an error, says can not connect to server what?

    If your running blocking software be it IPS or Proxy - those for sure could be your problem.. But they would LOG it, etc..

    Works some times, not works other times points to problem in your wifi network or possible dns issue?

    If firewall blocking - it always blocks, it doesn't block sometimes and not others. Possible you have issue with connecting to a specific server in the CDN when it fails, etc.

    Your going to have to give some info if you want help... You have told us nothing really other than it sometimes fails..

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