pfSense VLAN and TP-Link switch: how to debug?

  • I am owning a SG-1100 and am very happy with it. With the help of this community I managed to configure a VLAN on it. Now I am having trouble to get that VLAN to work, and I am asking the community for tips and tricks on how I could debug this and get it to work.

    My network setup in a nutshell:

    • The LAN port of the SG-1100 is connected to a 24 ports smart switch, one of the devices connected to that switch is a wireless access point. This is my secure network:
    • The OPT port of the SG-1100 is connected to a 8 ports smart switch, one of the devices connected to that switch is a wireless access point. This is my insecure IoT network:

    The secure network devices ought to be able to see each other and they can: all fine.

    The insecure network devices ought to be fully separated of the entire network and of each other, so I intend to create a VLAN for each port on the switch. I started with one VLAN for the VOIP device, VLAN 23. On my TP-Link SG108E switch I configured this VLAN to use port 1 tagged (the uplink) and port 3 untagged (to which the device is physically plugged). Now, when I connect the VOIP device (which is a Gigaset N300IP and which is set to use DHCP) I expect the device to receive an IP in the range that I set in pfSense ( However, nothing is happening and the IP it had before remains the same. I can connect to the static IP of the VLAN, but cannot connect to the former IP of the VOIP device and cannot see a newly issued IP for it either. The device, however, keeps on working since I can dial out with my phones...

    I understand this community cannot help on the TP-Link switch. And the community already helped on configured the VLAN so I believe that configuration is correct.

    But what I am asking is the following:
    -First, is the behaviour that I expect here, correct?
    -And second, how can I debug an issue like this? What steps to follow in order to isolate the problem?

    All help appreciated!

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    @brightwolf said in pfSense VLAN and TP-Link switch: how to debug?:

    TP-Link SG108E

    Which hardware version is this switch, and what firmware is it running.. KNOWN issue that the cheaper tp-link switches that specific 108E for example does not allow you to remove vlan 1 from ports. So yeah its so called support for vlans is just borked!

  • @johnpoz Exactly, I have that version since I see VLAN 1 configured on all ports 1-8 and cannot delete it. The delete button is missing on that line...

    So if I understand you correctly it means that this switch only has some non-functional configuration screens for VLANs, which the manufacturer used to advertise VLAN support and on which I based my decision to buy this switch some four years ago. But that this so-called VLAN support is all fake...?! I never suspected such a well-known brand (a consumer level brand, sure) to advertise its products in such a shameful way.

    So my only way out is to buy a new switch...?

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    What is the hardware version if its v3 the latest firmware was suppose to fix it so you could remove vlan 1

    Dude kind of known issue for a long time.. They didn't fix it until recent, and only on v3 hardware and above.. The v2 of the hardware that I have got no new firmware love with the ability to remove vlan 1.

    Only reason I got that POS ;) was to help someone out here saying their vlans did not work.. And yup once got it validated that their so called support was vlans was just smoke up your know what ;)

  • @johnpoz
    Hardware version: 1.0
    Firmware version: 1.1.2 build 2014 1027 rel 50749

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    Yeah it makes an ok dumb switch... But if you want to do vlans its trash!

    If what your looking for is CHEAP 8 port gig with vlan support can say for sure the dlink works. dgs-1100-08

  • @johnpoz Ah that's a bummer and shameful of TP-Link. Never will buy from them again! And will now start the hunt for a decent and not-too-expensive switch...

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    Yeah some of their AP do the same sort of shit with vlans as well. Its like whoever was doing the firmware for them didn't actually understand what vlans are suppose to do ;)

  • @brightwolf said in pfSense VLAN and TP-Link switch: how to debug?:

    Ah that's a bummer and shameful of TP-Link

    There's a similar problem with the TP-Link AP I have.

  • @johnpoz said in pfSense VLAN and TP-Link switch: how to debug?:


    I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with some guy at TP-Link, who insisted it was normal. He couldn't seem to grasp the idea that VLANs are supposed to act as physically separate networks.

    BTW, you can still use that switch for port mirroring. It works reasonably well for that..

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