Lightning Protection w/PCIe Gigabit Multimode SC Fiber Network Card???

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    I'm looking for ways to protect my hardware from Mother Nature and was thinking about installing a low profile PCIe Gigabit Multimode SC Fiber Network Card.

    Cable Modem <-----> Multimode Media Converter <------> PCIe Gigabit Multimode SC Fiber Network Card in pc running pfsense

    What recommendations for a Gigabit card?


  • @seeking-sense

    That idea will work. I did the same thing for a number of years.
    My setup back then was Adsl modem - 100mbit fiber converter - fibre - allied telisys 100 mbit nic - pfsense - intel pro 1000 pf - fibre - internal switch

    After a lightning hit that turned the Adsl modem into a smelly junk pile I got an Adsl Router with gbit connectors from my ISP so that made a redisgn possible.
    Adsl modem - fibre converter - fibre - switch (dedicated vlan) - fibre - intel nic on pfsense

    nowdays I have a fibre connection from my isp

    One piece of advice. Make sure you have some protection on the electric side. After all in the worst case - you want the modem too fry to save the rest

  • @mats thanks for the reply and please forgive the long delay in responding.

    Thanks for the advice regarding the electrical side. Have a APC UPS powering the cable modem. The coax feeding the cable modem is run thru a surge suppressor . The pfSense box is powered by a separate APC UPS. Anything else I should consider?

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