Backup Files/Dir broken after nginx update

  • I updated the files (4) from Netgate Blog this last week. Everything seems to be working fine until I needed to grab a file. When I select Diagnostics - Backup Files/Dir the next screen is a "404 Not Found" with an nginx footer.


  • Hi,

    Seems to me that this not related to nginx or pfSense, but files from a package are missing.
    The package called "Backup" ?
    Re install it ?

  • @gertjan Yep, that was my first call. It showed in my installed packages but I reloaded it. Still a 404. Uninstalled, reinstalled... still a 404

    It's been 2 weeks since I had used it... but it was there and did work 2 weeks ago.

    My apologies on the original post. I typed (4) files in the update, It was more than that but the 3 core updates were NGINIX, Libzmq4 and curl. Dumb mistake.

  • Never know now.... doing some work with BBCAN177 and needed a reboot. Now the Backup Files/Dir is working.

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