SG-5100 M.2 SATA installation question

  • All,

    I just purchased the SG-5100 and have an M.2 SSD on the way, which I plan to re-install the factory image to.

    I understand that the eMMC will basically be ignored after doing so. I currently have the SG-5100 configured the way I want when booting from the eMMC.

    My question is, if for some reason, after installing and loading the M.2 SSD, I later need to remove it, will it revert to booting from the eMMC to the previous configuration as it did before installing the M.2 SSD?

    My presumption is yes, but wanted to see if anyone can confirm this.


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    RTFOP all of it - I have read that section thoroughly and do not appreciate the flippant response. Please read the actual question first, which is NOT answered by the manual.

    If it answers the question of what happens if I later remove the M.2 SSD, then please quote me chapter and verse and I will concede that I did not thoroughly RTFM.

    I was simply trying to confirm that someone has done this and that it works the way I surmise that it should.

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    Unless something clobbers the installation on the eMMC then it should boot from it if the M.2 is removed.

    It will have an old configuration and probably code level on it. so the best thing to do would probably be back up the config, remove the M.2, reinstall, and restore the config.

  • Thanks Derelict!

    That is what I expected. I agree that it would be an old config, but would likely be enough to get me limping along until I have the time to deal with it properly.

  • @Derelict,

    I confirmed that after installing and configuring the M.2 drive I can actually switch back and forth between the two configurations simply by setting the "Hard Disk Drive BBS Priority" order in the BIOS setup under the "Boot" tab.

    Thanks again. ☺

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