Trying to connect Pfsense to AWS VPNGateway via OpenBGPD and OpenBGPD seems to be inactive.

  • Hello everyone,

    So I was trying to follow this guide: on connecting Pfsense and came onto an issue. We got iPsec to work fine (We contacted AWS Support to double-check,) but OpenBGPD is not sending or receiving any data from any neighbors.

    # This file was created by the package manager. Do not edit!
    AS 36459
    fib-update yes
    holdtime 30
    network *INTERNAL NETWORK*
    group "Ops Tun1" {
    	remote-as 64512
    	neighbor *NEIGHBOR1* {
    		descr "Ops Tun1"
    		announce all  
    	neighbor *NEIGHBOR2* {
    		descr "Ops Tun2"
    		announce all  
    deny from any
    deny to any
    allow from *NEIGHBOR1*
    allow to *NEIGHBOR1*
    allow from *NEIGHBOR2* 
    allow to *NEIGHBOR2* 

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help!