HAProxy, Letsencrypt and synology

  • So I am looking to implement letsencrypt on my synology box. I know this can be done directly via the synology dsm. However, i ready somewhere its preferable to use the acme and haproxy packages in pfsense to manage letsencrypt certificates for all clients hanging off my pfsense firewall. ( I have synology, a unifi cloudkey etc). This is where my understanding and capability ends.

    I have installed the acme package and setup letsencrypt certificates for the domains I want to use. I have setup dyn dns for the domain. I have installed haproxy. Then i have tried a million different things from various blog posts - none worked!

    So i am reaching out here. I am not technical. I could do with a simple set of instructions ( preferably with screenshots!) of how to use letsencrypt certificates issued and managed by my pfsense box for my synology box.

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