Proxy Server Interfaces - Dual WAN

  • I have successfully got squid, squidguard w/Shallalist & lightsquid installed and working.  Learned how to do a whitelist (thanks dvserg for the how to's). But wondering which interfaces do I bind the proxy server to?  Below are my interfaces.


    Below is a portion of the, currently the proxy server is bound to LAN&OPT1.  Should I bind the WAN&OPT1 or all three?


    Do not edit manually !

    http_port transparent
    icp_port 0


  • bind it to the interface the proxy should listen to, mostly your LAN…
    if your OPT1 is some VPN-tunnel to your site, you can also bind it to OPT1 if squid should intercept the traffic to port 80 or else on the OPT1 interface...

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