Installed on VMware workstation. 2 virtual Nics, behind ISP router

  • I've been at this for weeks and keep getting conflicting information form all over the place...

    this is what I am trying to do.

    In my home network. All clients are serviced by the ISP router. That does the dhcp etc. (
    I need one device that needs to connect to NordVPN. I want this to go through pfsense VM

    I have a PC with 1 physical nic and vmware workstation installed.
    I created a VM with pfsense and gave it 2 virtual nics.

    I create a LAN and a WAN

    This is where i am getting stuck. If I give the LAN address a 192.168.1.x address I can get to the web interface but the WAN gateway shows as down.
    If I give the LAN address a 192.168.3 address and the WAN 192.168.1 address i then cannot connect to the web GUI

    Can anyone advise what / how to address the inital setup of this... IF at all it can be done...

    I'm pulling my hair out here.

    any help appreciated and you'll be my bestie forever if it gets resolved.


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    You really need more than 1 nic or the ability to do vlans.. Or if pfsense is vm, then you could have VMs behind pfsense and then you 1 nic wouldn't be an issue.

  • Yep, pfsense will be a VM. The device i want to use the pfsense for is an IPTV box so thats not a VM.

    So, your saying I need another NIC ?

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    Or switch that can do vlans.

  • Damn, the point of the exercise was to do it at no cost. Think my time has been wasted by people saying that can be done.

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    It can be done.. You need a switch that can do vlans - cost $40 or 2nd nic... Cost like $5-10

    If you do static IP on your IPTV box you prob getting away with running multiple L3 on the same L2... But that is BORKED config out of the gate.. And buy the freaking switch or nic and do it correctly... If you can afford to have IPTV and vpn service and clearly used to circumvent some geo restriction for netflix or something you can afford $5 freaking nic ;)

    To be honest at my going rate if I charged you for the couple of minutes I spent answering your questions you would owe me or than the freaking switch cost ;)

  • Hehe, but you're now my new bestie. You can't buy that. It's priceless.

    Will check out a switch VPN.


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    not a switch vpn? A switch that can do vlans - stay away from tplink the dlink dgs-1100 works, like 35$ for a 8 port gig.

    $33.93 for gosh sake

  • Just an update - managed to get this done without any additional hardware. Just had to configure the 2 vNics with the right settings. i can now send any device through the vpn. works a treat.

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