• I have set up OpenVPN on PFsense and have VPN connection working to pfsense.
    Now i want to RDP to one of my Virtuel machines from my VPN connection.

    What steps do i have to do to allow RDP access to my LAN network. Currently all iv done is added the LAN network to OpenVPN 0_1552081042186_86eefacd-c913-4d5b-912e-440397431155-image.png

    and a standar rule is in place on WAN from when i set upp OpenVPN.

    The vm i want to connect to is in a LAN network with everything open.

    I have also enabled RDP on the VM i wanne connect to.

    What do i need to do to get RDP to this VM.

    Any suggestions would be helpfull., im new to PFsense.
    Thank you

  • That looks good. Perhaps change the IPv4 TCP to * for your OpenVPN rule in the last image.

  • the problem is still cannot RDP to the LAN network.
    Do i need some port forwarding or what could be missing?

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    This VM you want to RDP is using pfSense as gateway?


  • Yes it is.

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    When describing a whole /24 network you would normally put in your IPv4 Local network box, not
    Is the third screenshot showing your LAN firewall rules or OpenVPN group tab?


  • Have you done a ping/traceroute from the client connected to the VPN and the RDP server?

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    Can tell 1 of the most common mistakes is they forget the host firewall. Windows out of the box is not going to allow some remote IP to RDP to them.

    I rdp into my boxes on multiple segments on my home network all the time via vpn..

    And keep in mind @Rico point... That is not a local network, that is host address.. The way I would read that, and prob pfsense as well is the HOST is here if you want to connect to it... Not which equals .1-254

    Look in your route table on your client what do you see?

    So here are routes to my home networks via connection to vpn from work
    C:\Windows\System32>route print | find "192.168" 276 276 276

  • Same problem here, as johnpoz said, its a problem related to the windows host, in my case, not enough memory.
    On windows servers if there is not enough memory, RDP is blocked.