Help to begin please with basic firewall/router

  • Hey, thanks for reading. I searched and understood some things but I know I need help. I have basic IT training and experience in basic areas, but I'm not a tech... I'm a writer and often write internet safety articles for those that have no clue, as it's all I qualify for.... And my new device with Pfsense is here ready to be a firewall/router and I see now I need an expert.
    I understand the basic instruction and idea... But I have VPN, and want some specific, if basic, things... And those directions (some important detail) have me at a loss. My network specialist friend bailed on me after promising to help.
    It looks like my case is a breeze for most of you. No complicated network here. But I'm certain I'd be unprotected or unable to connect without help.
    If anyone has time to answer, I'll list my specific goals and what I have here to do it with. Thanks in advance for any direction you can give... No point writing specs if I don't know for sure if this is the right place for my case.

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    This is a very friendly just shoot any of your questions. I'm 100% sure you'll get your answers.
    The pfSense Book is also a great starting point:


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  • This post is deleted!

  • You were right man. I did get an answer.
    The book is very well done though, thanks. In my case, basic set-up is not bad and no major curves. Just slow and careful for someone not specifically in the network field. Beyond basic... I think will take a long time. Good little lab start.
    And worth moving to a SG-5100 I think.

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