Make pfSense DHCP server update or registry entries in Windows DNS servers?

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    With these options:


    I can setup that a DHCP client lease and/or a DHCP static entry registry automatically in DNS, which in this case I want to register it as well in a Windows DNS server.

    How do I set it up?


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    No one?

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    If you actually want that, let die Windows DC/Server in that network run DHCP, too. I see no sense in setting up DHCP on pfSense and run DNS off the Windows Servers. Let both be done by Microsoft or pfSense. Actually I have yet to see the reason, one needs to have a client IP resolved to its hostname as in most settings (>90%) no one needs to access clients with fixed IPs/Names and if so, the should be taken care of as either servers (and setup with static IPs and namens) or at least have DHCP reservations.

    Don't want to answer your question with "why would you even do that" but I'm not sure, if the DHCP on pfSense can actually report to MS DNS. So I'd recommend either run both on the same side (whatever that may be) or think about if you actually need the client's name in DNS at all - most times that should be a "no". :)


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    Yeah if your MS shop.. You should really just be running dhcp/dns on your AD in the first place.

    So you want pfsense to be dhcp.. And you want to setup a static reservation.. And now you want dhcpd to register what it registers in unbound on pfsense, to your AD dns?

    Seems like duplication of effort here - when all could just be handled by your AD dhcp and dns.

    But if you really want to do this - then read up on rfc 2136 and how you use that in windows dns.