• Just submitted a crashed report about 10m ago. Should've come from

    I didn't realize submitting the report would nuke it from my system. Could I by chance get a copy of it for my own debugging purposes?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't see anything on the crash reporter server from that address (or even that subnet).

    That said, if you had the option to submit a crash report then you can't possibly be on a current version because we removed that feature. If you are seeing a crash, you should upgrade to the current supported version (2.4.4-p2).

    That version gives you a method to download the crash report rather than submit it, and does not remove the crash report until you instruct it to do so.

  • It may have come from a different subnet. Either way I did end up tracing it down to a faulty DIMM :)