rx fifo overflow errors

  • We are running 2.2.5 on a Pentium dual core machine.

    Since a last few weeks, the following fifo overflow errors are occurring which cause delay and placket loss.

    I have changed the cable 3 times and also changed the switch to which it connects. The switch shows negligible errors on the uplink Rx about 10e-7.

    The errors continue irrespective of the load on the system i.e there are errors at off peak time also. There a script running monitoring the hour by hour error rate, will update here if peak time error are higher or not.

    Thinking of upgrading to the latest release. The interface is the onboard one and one other PCIe interface is used on LAN side. There are no other slots on the mobo.

    There are also few (3613 vs 45376) Tx error on the LAN interface. The switch on the Rx side of that shows no errors.

    The machines is used as captive portal for lower side of 100s of users. Memory is at max 30%, CPU is at 50-70 mostly with jumps to full at times. Load average sometimes goes to max 2.x 1.9 1.6.

    How do we dig deeper?


    dev.alc.0.%desc: Atheros AR8151 v2.0 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet
    dev.alc.0.%driver: alc
    dev.alc.0.%location: slot=0 function=0
    dev.alc.0.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x1969 device=0x1083 subvendor=0x1043 subdevice=0x847e class=0x020000
    dev.alc.0.%parent: pci1
    dev.alc.0.int_rx_mod: 100
    dev.alc.0.int_tx_mod: 1000
    dev.alc.0.process_limit: 64
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.good_frames: 3664566744
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.good_bcast_frames: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.good_mcast_frames: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.pause_frames: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.control_frames: 9380
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.crc_errs: 2
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.len_errs: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.good_octets: 3989673913677
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.good_bcast_octets: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.good_mcast_octets: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.runts: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.fragments: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_64: 190486856
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_65_127: 610033952
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_128_255: 88456269
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_256_511: 65111845
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_512_1023: 59742321
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_1024_1518: 2650964882
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.frames_1519_max: 6
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.trunc_errs: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.fifo_oflows: 45376
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.rrs_errs: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.align_errs: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.rx.filtered: 174629
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.good_frames: 2512567223
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.good_bcast_frames: 336
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.good_mcast_frames: 10
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.pause_frames: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.control_frames: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.excess_defers: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.defers: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.good_octets: 1162371012533
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.good_bcast_octets: 976
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.good_mcast_octets: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_64: 362620042
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_65_127: 1117661924
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_128_255: 75998451
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_256_511: 53448469
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_512_1023: 318281056
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_1024_1518: 584557281
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.frames_1519_max: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.single_colls: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.multi_colls: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.late_colls: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.excess_colls: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.abort: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.underruns: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.desc_underruns: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.len_errs: 0
    dev.alc.0.stats.tx.trunc_errs: 20160

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    It is probably time to consider more current hardware.

    It is definitely time to consider upgrading to more current software.

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