Cheap Fanless Gigabit Managed Switch with VLAN support?

  • For home use: 8-10 port is enough. By cheap I mean $100-$150. Maybe $200-$250 if it is really worth it - like much better firmware/software, some of the additional features below.

    I am aware of Cisco SG350 and that it does NOT have real IOS. What else would you recommend?

    Bonus features :
    ~ 10Gbit uplink (SPF+ preferably)
    ~ POE (for future proofing)
    ~ (this is the weird one) 801.2ad ( QinQ) - for experimenting

    What other bonus features are YOU looking for in a switch?
    (For example, someone was arguing that a feature called SFLOW was reason enough to upgrade to SG350 from the previous model.)

    Some guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  • Just bought Mikrotik RB260GS - cheap ($40) gigabit VLAN switch - just to cover me for now.

    For anyone interested - they are just now (March 2019) releasing an 8-port 10Gbit SFP+ fanless switch for $270 (!):

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    270... Bit pricey could get your mentioned sg350 for less than 200 with 28 ports counting the sfp ports.

    Oh that is a 10ge sfp switch... My bad... Completely different animal then.

    Am I reading that right their pair of sfp+ is $349... Going to be pretty freaking expensive to populate..

    The US‑16‑XG from unifi at $600 would be much better deal.. The sfp and sfp+ that work with it are WAY cheaper!!!

    BTW, sflow is freaking pretty slick... Would I update my sg300 home switches to 350s for it.. Not in my current use case - but yeah its pretty freaking slick ;)

    But at the current price point of the sg350.... it is tempting ;)

  • @petreza
    If I wouldn't be that Cisco centric now (was very different 10 years ago) I'd probably have a look at the
    D-Link DGS1510 series.