• when my proxy is enabled I can not use vnc. someone help me ?

  • VNC has nothing to do with Squid or web traffic, so I'm not sure how it's interfering. Squid only listens on tcp/3128, and VNC doesn't use that. Maybe post some details of what you are doing and what you are seeing? Just saying "It doens't work" isn't very helpful when trying to troubleshoot the problem.

    Edit: Duh, I put the wrong tcp port for squid. Squid listens on 3128 and handles requests for tcp/80 and 443.

  • Hi good afternoon. okay ? I have a rule in my firewall that allows a list of specific ips not to have any restriction of access in general. when the device belongs to this released list, vnc works and when I remove the rule from this ip and configure the proxy address, it does not work. understood ?

  • Well, I would expect VNC to not work if you remove its access. Squid is a web-proxy only. VNC Server listens on tcp/5900 form what I can see. When you say VNC, do you mean the viewer or the server? Which VNC are you using? RealVNC? TightVNC?...

  • vnc viewer. ultravnc.

  • For VNC viewer to work in a locked-down LAN, you need to allow access from the client on tcp/5900.