• Hello,

    I've a VDSL2 200/20 connection, with a modem in bridge mode with a dedicate pc with Pfsense managing the connection via PPPoE.
    A couple of days ago, the internet stop to working, the pc with pfsense was reachable and i trace back the problem with the PPPoE connection down. analyzing the logs it's appear that something happens after the connection get terminated by ISP, pfsense try to reconnect but something happens and it was not completed and it never tries again to reconnect. I 've attache the log.

    someone can give me any clue ?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Upgrade to 2.4.4p2.

    Is it down permanently now? Are you able to bring it back up by, for example, rebooting the modem or the firewall?


  • I've rebooted pfsense and all is working again ok.
    My question was more about the PPPoE client on pfsense.
    I was expecting it continue to try reconnect like usual and no stopping trying, like some sort of bug.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, I looks like the other side is not responding as expected. Or somehow gets oyt of sync:
    Mar 13 00:07:28 ppp [wan] Wrong id#, expecting 14

    So you have IPv6? It's trying to connect IPv6, you could disable that if only to clean the logs there.

    You could set it to dial-on-demand with a long timeout. It will probably stay connected anyway but should try to connect whenever anything wants to reach external IPs.


  • No only IPv4.