OpenVPN client routing in HA, multi-WAN, multi-LAN is unstable

  • Hi,
    I'm new to pfSense, so naturally I want to use all the features in my 1st attempt :) We're using High Availability, Multi-WAN, multi-LAN, OpenVPN client, and CBQ Traffic Shaping so far. The only package installed is open-vm-tools.

    It's kind of working, but whenever the WANs failover and OpenVPN pfSense client reconnects, it seems like it forgets to realise that it can forward traffic from the VPN tunnel to the local site. More specifically, when a computer at a remote site tries to ping something on the LAN it doesn't work, but it can ping the LAN IP on pfsense over the VPN tunnel. Plus ping from a computer on the pfSense LAN to a computer at the remote site over the VPN works. So the VPN is connected, just not routing properly (or is being firewalled?). Restarting the OpenVPN client on pfsense "fixes" the situation for a while. Typically when the connection is under load it will stop routing properly.

    When OpenVPN reconnects due to master pfSense in the High Availability pair is shutdown or even rebooted, the VPN connection and routing remains fine, with only a few seconds of packet drops.

    So that I don't flood the forum with too much stuff, what other details would help? Such as we are using version 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (amd64).