pfSense default DB network address change.

  • Hi, I think that ive checked all the configuration panels but i didnt see anything about configuration of pfSense DB . What i want to do is to change its default IP address, in my case with the network , pfSense will get address but i also would like the DB to work on address but it works on and i cant find the way to change it. Is it possible to do ? thank you very much for any help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Um...not sure what you're asking here...

    You want to change the LAN IP address?

    The factory default IP address?

    You want to add virtual IPs by default?


  • Well it loks like after a long hours of work i wasnt able to think logically good enough, and at this point my question seems completely not undestandable for me.

    Finally everything works good, sorry for bothering you and thank you for trying to help!

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    I think someone prob gotten better help in their native language section..