difference between openvpn server between my sg-1100 and virtual server in vultr

  • hello and thanks for reading this.

    there seem to be a bunch of differences between the opevpn functionality between my sg-1100 and the virtual machine running in the cloud of vultr.com.

    as you can see, the client export is missing

    as you can see, aws vpn vpn wizard
    iOS IPsec Profile is missing and

    and they are running the same version of pfsense.
    Current Base System 2.4.4_2

    any idea why this is?


  • @asdffdsa6131 OpenVPN client export is installed via System > Package Manager.

    The Apple IPsec Profile and the AWS wizard are part of the factory installed versions of pfSense as installed on Netgate hardware such as the SG-1100.

  • thanks,