Embedded - how to change serial port?

  • Hi,

    I need to change my serial port for bootloader and terminal connectivity from 'com1' to 'com2'.
    My device has a nice terminal port at the front which is hooked to com2 instead of com1.
    com1 needs complete disassembly to use :(

    My main issue is that I'm too blind to mount root rw on the embedded version.
    I tried mount -o rw,update / and just mount -o rw / but this didnt help me.

    After that I suppose I need to fix console=comconsole to something else in loader.conf and switch the terminal in some terminal configuration in /etc/ so  a getty spawns. But I really can't figure out how to get to that point…

    I'd like to avoid reinstalling the dd image onto my flash disk as it's a very old one that only gives 150KB/s write rate.

    (The firewall I'm re-using is a ServGate SG300 - looks sweet, but I still need to replace all the fans and make the LCD work,
    with an unknown controller... The original vendor had some FPGA installed, I suppose for offloading network stuff, but it works without that too...)

    Best wishes,

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