pfsense doesnt access to internet

  • hey
    i am an absolute beginner
    i configured pfsense in my linux virtual machine ; the machine ip is
    on pfsense LAN is and WAN
    on my real machine wifi is
    i wanted that when someone is tries to access wifi an authentication page shows up but in that network intenet is not working
    thank you for help

  • Hello, what happens when you try to ping (your real router) from pfSense? You didn't mention which virtual machine software you are using. Is the x.x.55.10 set to bridge mode?

    Is x.x.55.2 tied to a physical card? If not you put the x.x.55.x network in a virtual Tupperware bowl and closed the lid. People (wifi) need to be able to access x.x.55.x network and you haven't given them a point. Can you plug a USB wifi into your PC, assign that to the virtual pfSense, and give it a x.x.55.x IP address? Mind you pfSense+wifi cards is a big headache. A better solution would be a physical NIC plugged (tied to the VM guest) into a switch with a wifi access point there.

    Things can get out of hand real quick. There are a lot directions to head here, a lot more detail would be helpful. Being new, you may not know the questions to ask.

  • hello vegastech thank you for the reply
    i can ping to from my pfsense at in internal network
    when i try to go to internet from a Virtual machine at 192.168.55.x in bridge mode it doen't work

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