Cannot route 2 local subnets to 1 remote subnet

  • Hey guys,
    I have the following problem:

    site a)
    interface 1 (subnet a):
    interface 2 (subnet b):

    site b)
    interface 1 (subnet c):

    I tried adding to phase 2 entries on site 1:
    Local ->
    Local ->

    and on site 2:
    Local ->
    Local ->

    Site 2 settings seem to be ok, but site 1 settings seem to be wrong (traffic selectors unacceptable)

    I can also see in my firewall-log that a ping from subnet c into subnet a/b working (but not answered) but not the other way around.

    Can someone help me?


  • don't know why, but suddenly it's working.
    I just deleted phase 2 and recreated it...