• Hi, first of all, I'm from Argentina, excuse me if I don't express myself accurately. I would like to request that pfSense doesn't find necessary to be rebooted in order to apply a restore config file. Thinking about it, There's not any setting in the webGUI that needs a reboot to be applied, except for updates. If the config file is a backup for the same version of the pfSense that is running, therefore not needing to be updated, why does it need a reboot?
    I can set up the software step by step repeating all the settings and it won't need to be rebooted.

  • Banned

    System Tunables and Offloading settings are at least two parts of the config where a change requires a reboot.

    Also feature request go on https://redmine.pfsense.org/ not here.

  • Thank you so much!