• Hi

    We've got a RDP Gateway, everything works from the outside there's a NAT rule sending the traffic to it.

    The problem is if our users use the same method to login to the rdp gateway over the public adress from our local network (LAN->External adress->NAT->Gateway), they get a certificate error (certificate is not trustworthy) and if I click on details it shows me that it's a certificate from the pfsense box.

    Why do I get to see the certificate from the pfsense box? The server itself has proper certificates from godaddy.

    Would be glad for any hints or help.

    Best regards

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your clients that are local should just hit the local IP.. Setup host override to point the fqdn to your local IP..

  • Thanks a lot for your Input.
    Somehow I didn't even think about this solution, changed it in the DNS on our DCs and now it's working without a problem.