How to use ipfw with table type mac

  • I searched github, and it's unable to find the source code for ipfw2.c, or what ever the current ipfw is being used by /sbin/ipfw.

    I'm specifically looking into the mac lookup table, and how it's handled.

    I'm trying to pass traffic that matches mac addresses in a lookup table to allow.

    # ipfw table user_macs type mac
    # ipfw "add 150 pass from table(user_macs)"
    ipfw: unrecognised option [-1] from

    But this is undocumented in FreeBSD, and it's used by mac passthrough in the captive portal.

    So I wanted to see if I could figure out the proper method of passing traffic from a lookup table with mac type.

    Could this be explained a little further? Is the only option to use a bogus pipe I could define elsewhere, or just assign it to shared pipe that has unlimited everything?