New Processor To My System

  • Hello all, I know that pfsense 2.5 will not require AES-NI, but I have to replace my processor, and I plan on getting one that works with AES-NI for the future.

    At the moment this is my system:

    MotherBoard: Intel DQ77KB
    CPU: Intel G2030 3Ghz
    Memory: 2x 2 Gb DDR3

    I would like oly to replace the CPU and I was planning on:

    Intel Core i5-2400 Processor
    Intel Core i5-2500 Processor
    Intel Core i7-2600 Processor

    I selected this ones because of the AES-NI and the Intel vPro (so that I can use the manager on my board)

    All of them I can get a very good value, what is the best to my system and to my board?

    Thank You

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    @Soloam said in New Processor To My System:

    All of them I can get a very good value, what is the best to my system and to my board?

    The blue one! :)

    How should one be able to answer that to you? How do we know what you actually do with your setup and what kind of performance you need and require? That's like saying (I hate car comparisons):
    "Hey I wanna buy a new car! I see that those 3 have a requirement (all coupes) and have navigation, and I can pick them at a good discount, which one should I buy?" -> the blue one. As nowhere you said "I need it for a short daily commute" or "I'm a salesman and travel hundreds of miles per day".

  • I use my pf sense as a firewall to a small company. I use pfblockNG, Suricata, Squid and HaProxy! PfSense manages 8 VLANS, one OpenVPN Server, plus client to another OpenVPN server

    My WAN connection is a Gigabit

    The main ideia is to keep all the hardware, and only change the CPU to AES support. I would like also to gain Intel vPro. With this change I wiil gain this but also some boost in the processing power.

    Thank You

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    That are values we can work with :) Thank you!

    If you want to run gigabit and routing I'd guess the small i5-2400 would already be enough for that. If you want to add a bit of power, you can go with the i5-2500.
    The i7-2600 I'd ignore, as all you would gain are a couple of MHz more and hyperthreading that you'd disable anyways as it brings more negative than positive effects to the table. So if you have one of those i5 lying around, have a got at them. I'd suppose a bit newer i3 would work, too.

    On the other hand if you're going for future compatibility, perhaps a new board with new RAM and a Denverton SOC (C3558 or the likes) would also bring more then enough bang for the bucks to the table. Systems with DDR3 can/will become expensive as the industry moved on and replacements (RAM etc.).


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