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  • Hello all, I hope this is in the right place for this post.

    I’m looking to build a rack mount unit for my home lab set up and I have a couple questions.

    1. I was looking at a Meraki MX50 box and was wondering if this box will be able to install pfSense 2.4.4 and beyond?

    2. I also read this morning they are taking the requirement for AES chips out of the 2.5 build so will a Firebox XTM 5 series still be ok to run 2.4.4 and beyond since it is a little more in my price range?

    Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.


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    I'm not sure what's actually in the MX50 but it's likely very similar to the XTM5. Both would require some work but that's the fun part. 😉
    However the MX50 might have a console issue. See:
    I know the XTM5 is relatively easy to get up and running on.

    Both are old though, you really should not be paying much if you go that route.


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    Only because 2.5 may drop the AES-NI requirement I wouldn't touch hardware without it in 2019. Can't understand the need to buy the absolutely cheapest available solutions possible and then be agitated if something like the AES requirement for 2.5 was announced.

    I did a quick search so please correct me if that was wrong but an MX50 box is still around ~345$? For that pricerange I'd look at many fine appliances that offer a current, modern and powerful SOC without being ~5-10y old iron ;)

  • Hi thanks for the reply’s. the MX50 was 80 cad free shipping and I agree with what your saying on outdated hardware as well.

    That being said if it got an XTM 5 series for dirt cheap, I know the AES limitations on it however will I still be able to run 2.4 on it and possibly 2.5 since they removed the AES requirement?


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    @homerjay84 said in New PfSense Build:

    XTM 5 series dirt cheap

    Dirt cheap means what to you? And what performance do you actually need? Why not simply getting something that will not have limitations in a few years and have to decide if you buy again or stay with old software?

    I know the AES limitations on it however will I still be able to run 2.4 on it and possibly 2.5 since they removed the AES requirement?

    If it's a 64bit system, yes. Can't understand why you would like that though :)


    On a side note it seems to me, that people got the statement about 2.5 not requiring a AES-NI capable CPU as like:
    "Hey they dropped that (not) stupid requirement for the next version, let's buy some dirt cheap bad ass ugly old shit to run that new firewall software OS on it and then get cranky if that req comes back later (even if we knew better years ago)!" 😉

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    I can see the appeal. But I may be biased. 😉

    Yes it will run 2.4.4 and 2.5.

    I would not pay more than $50. If I had a requirement, which I don't.

    You will probably want to swap out the CPU as it came with a horrible single core Celeron as standard but any throwaway C2D will probably work and be much faster.


  • @stephenw10 Thanks, the XTM 5 (535) i was looking at was 50 cad shipped to my door. Thats what i meant by cheap.

    I did read an article somewhere that I have bookmarked on the XTM series upgrades and the person did a cpu upgrade and addes a stick of ram and a hd. Its what I was looking to to.

    As I said small home lab. Crummy part is my ISP doesnt bridge through their cable modem to the pfSense box giving me full control so it will be double NAT'd


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    Read through the whole thread to get the full low-down 😉


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