use existing router, put it in switch mode, or use a stand alone switch and router as WAP?

  • I have to order a 2nd NIC and an SSD but as soon as I get it'll be throwing them into an older desktop I have lying around to make my pfSense server. After I build it figure I have a few options and I'm not sure which is the most ideal.

    I currently have a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 router with OpenWRT on it and I have some spare D-Link 8 port switches. At minimum I want pfSense as FW with IDS/IPS, DNS over TLS, and pfBlockerNG.

    With that said, I figure these are my options:

    1. cable modem > pfSense as just FW > existing router as DHCP server and WAP > wireless and wired clients
    2. cable modem > pfSense as FW and DHCP server > existing router as switch and WAP > wireless and wired clients
    3. cable modem > pfSense as FW and DHCP server > 8 port switch > wired clients and existing router as just a WAP for wireless clients


  • 3 is the preferred method.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Separate access point is usually better device and allows you to position it far better for coverage.

    If the coverage is good enough and you have such a device already though try option 2.


  • Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna get a 4 port LAN PCI card and then will use the current router as just WAP and eventually replace it with just a simple WAP.

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    While yes you could use your old wifi router as just switch and your AP.. 4th method you didn't list which is the "best" way would be

    cable modem > pfSense as FW and DHCP server > 8 port smart switch > wired clients and AP with vlan support

    And then sure pfsense with multiple interfaces is always a plus, and even more ports on your switch allows for multiple uplinks for different "vlans" so your not sharing physical interface..

    And yes as mentioned already - multiple AP that all support vlans is even better.. I have 3 unifi AP in my small home.. Allows for great coverage everywhere!

    All comes down to what your budget allows you to get ;)

  • I am actually thinking of getting a 4 port NIC. I just need to find a good one that is less than 50 bux. I am reading the i340-T4 or i350-T4 but it looks like the cheap ones on eBay are from China.

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    Are you planning to use the 4 port NIC instead of the switch?

    Whilst that is somewhat possible an actual switch is far better.


  • @stephenw10 Well I was thinking of it but now I realize I can't. My MB does not have a x4 port and I cannot use the x16 for anything other than video (older MB). So I need to find a good x1 NIC and from what I can tell those only come with 1 port.