• I am looking for advice on a particular network setup.

    pfsense box wan gateway is via pppoe to my isp. I have a separate pc acting as vpn server in lan, and I call it vpn server A. Of course, anyone connected to vpn server A can go on the internet through the pfsense box (dhcp). vpn server A is virtually bridged to another vpn server (lets call it B) offsite, and some of my users can go on the internet through vpn server B instead.

    Now, i want my pfsense box to act as a client to vpn server A. So i create a openvpn connection between pfsense and vpn server A. pfsense now have a openvpn gateway. Suppose i want to enable policy routing so that some of my lan users can transparently go on the internet through vpn server B. How do i do that without causing redirect loops?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Move VPN server A out of the LAN onto a different interface. Avoids asymmetric routing problems.

    Have pfSense connect directly to VPN server B would also do that.

    Remove VPN server A entirely and use pfSense for that.