Hairpin routing problem?

  • Hi,

    I inherited the maintenance of a pfSense router, v2.3.1 with several VLAN's attached to it and two WAN connections.
    One of the WAN's x.y.z.25 is connected to a /29 subnet with a gateway of x.y.z.29. One of the other IP's x.y.z.26 on that WAN network is connected to a camera system.
    After the ISP replaced the modem/router connected to this network, it's no longer possible to reach the camerasystem at x.y.x.26 from one of the internal networks, let's say for instance

    The rest of the world can connect to the camera system without any problem.

    Currently Outbound NAT is set to Automatic outbound NAT rule generation.

    How can I fix this?

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    First step, the software you are running is obsolete, and insecure.

    You need to update.

  • Thanks,

    I'll do that. But will that fix this problem too?

    As I wrote, I inherited this network from someone who was really enthousiastic in searching solutions in a trial-and-error way. I have about 20 VLAN's but most of them were for testing purposes. I want to clean up this (poorly documented) mess but for now I have this rather urgent problem.


  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    I would think the ISP modem is to blame if it worked before that swap.

  • Maybe, but the traffic shouldn't be handled by the modem anyway as it's local trafic. Maybe the old one did this, but in my opinion the pfSense should deliver the traffic at the camera system without any interaction of the modem. Am I correct?


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