Is pfsense my solution?

  • Hi,

    I am looking for a solution that covers the following:

    • Internal user accounts (managed by pfsense or an addon)
    • Time based rules to limit periods of times on a user/group basis
    • URL filtering
    • [optional] Protocol / Port filtering
    • [optional] Assigning policies to groups of users

    Basically I have various users that are to have various times they can/can't access the internet. I would like to filter specific protocols or ports but it is not vital. URL filtering is a must. The core issue though is creating user accounts that have time based access limits.


  • 1: yes (FreeRADIUS)
    2: yes (Captive Portal against the FreeRADIUS)
    3: yes (Squid)
    4: yes
    5: what do you mean with that?

    However as far as i know you cannot have Squid and the Captive Portal running at the same time.
    Not sure about that though. You will have to read in the packages subforum.

  • By 5. I mean being able to assign URL/Port/Protocol policies to groups of users based on, as your suggestion was, RADIUS user groups.

    I'll look into the package combo and do some more reading. Thanks.

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