Monitoring Internet/ISP Speeds via Cron

  • Good morning folks!

    Often times, the ISP sells you a service level where they promise you certain Internet speeds. In reality, I've found that more often than not, the actual average Internet speed over time is no where close to what the ISP tells you. Take for example, I have a Fiber connection that is suppose to provide me with near Gigabit speeds. Depending on day/time sometimes I do get 900+ Mbps ; however, that is less than 10% of the time that I get such speeds. 90% of the time my actual measured speeds are around 100Mbps. So, the ISP should not be charging for Gigabit speeds when they're delivering no where close to what they're selling. That got me thinking..

    Wondering if there's a pfsense package or some other option that would allow periodic monitoring/logging/graphing of ISP speeds. This would run speedtest-like program via a cron job. So, I could setup an hourly run which logs the results. These results can then be used to create a graph showing average actual speeds at different times of the day/week versus the advertised ISP speeds that you're paying for. Such a feature in pfSense would allow for recognizing speed patterns based on day/time. Also, it would allow you to show your ISP actual measurements.

    Thank you!

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