Openvpn not working on Linux OS

  • Hello,
    We have openvpn running on pfsense. Windows and Android phones connects succesfully and can aces local network with any problem.But Linux machines connects successfully to Openvpn, but can't see local network. I exported vpn files of Viscosity Bundle in Openvpn Client Export and imported files in Linux Mint Openvpn, Could you please let me know how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance.

  • I use Linux Mint at home and OpenVPN works perfectly. I believe I just used the inline config and imported it into Network Manager. BOOM, done. It was easy.

  • I also iported config file and its certificate files, but it is not working. Is compression enabled in your openvpn server? I have fresh installed pfsense and disabled compression in Openvpn server. But prior to this server, I have used Adaptive LZO Compression in Openvpn server and didn't have such a problem in Linux. I think, it maybe because of this.

  • I can't tell you now. I will check when I get home later today. I may not respond until the weekend. Bug me if you haven't heard from me by Sunday in case I forget.

  • ok, until then maybe someone can help me.

  • My LZO compression is set to yes.

  • @KOM That is why it is working. You have to disable compression because of new Voracle attack. I sleected Disable Compression Compression in Openvpn server and checked Push Compression and exported new vpn files and it is working now.

  • lol no. I don't give a damn about voracle. It's a theoretical attack that will not affect me at all.

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