Traffic shaper broken?

  • Hello everyone, running 2.0 build 3/19/09, following the single lan multi-wan traffic shaping wizard i stuck with all of the defaults, input the appropriate speed for both wan and opt1, selected vonage/asterisk from the voip list and counter-strike/hl1/hl2 from the games dropdown box, selected to lower the priority of bittorrent traffic and thats it. I checked the rules after the wizard had run and the port ranges seem to be correct for in my case tf2, port 27015, and for my voip traffic. However, when i load up a game and being playing there is 0 activity in the games queue, if i place a phone call there is also 0 activity in the voip queue. Is there something else i need to enable that the wizard does not to get basic functionality working? Thanks for any help!

  • Diablo266,
      I'm seeing the same behavior.  I use the wizard to setup the traffic shaper and in my case I set the P2P catchall to 40% of my bandwidth.  Everything is classified as P2P by default.  I have found that I need to change the floating rules in order to get them to match the correct traffic.

    For instance, to get (port 80)web traffic correctly put into the low queue, I edited the rule and changed direction from out to any.  After I did that the traffic was correctly identified and put in the correct queue.

    I'm trying to figure out what exactly the "direction" field stands for when used in the floating rules context, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.  If the rule wasn't floating and was tied to a particular interface it would make more sense to me… I'll keep looking.  Unless Ermal wants to swoop in and lay a knowledge bomb on us. :)


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