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  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm having an odd issue casting Youtube from Samsung Galaxy phone to Samsung Smart TV. My phone and and TV are on different subnet and VLAN. I've configured Avahi to discover the device and it is discoverable and reachable. However, if i click the casting button in youtube it just get stuck at connecting. If i switch my mobile to the same subnet it works fine.

    The weird thing is that if i use the "link with TV code" setting on the youtube mobile app instead of the normal discovered one it works fine. Samsung Smart View works fine. And If I switch my phone to the same subnet as the TV then move it back it will continue casting. I can control the video, play other videos, pause, queue, etc. with no issue. The minute i stop that casting and try to start another one it won't work.

    Wondering if any one has a clue of what might be causing this issue.


  • @zam678 said in Casting Youtube to Samsung Smart TV:

    if i use the "link with TV code" setting on the youtube mobile app instead of the normal discovered one it works fine

    For what it's worth I have had that same behavior on my iPhone connecting to my Dish DVR for a long time now. Gets stuck unless I use the TV Code. Connecting to Chromecast works fine.

    So, may just be a software bug and not a routing issue.

  • i Faced the same issue with using this on my iPhone and Apple tv. I guess this is because of the wifi we use during the screening.if anybody can resolve my issue,i would be pleased.
    thank you in advance.

  • Samsung has deleted the You Tube app from its Smart TVs. There is a new possibility (Mirroring) for newer TVs, but that does not address the difficulty that has been caused. It also introduces the concern that Samsung might withdraw other support such as Mirror casting in a little while.

    The issue also affects screen casting from Android devices. Following the Nougat s/w update Samsung 'phones no longer talk to Samsung TVs, regardless of age.

    I see lots of negative comments about Samsung, which may be correct but are not helpful.

    In the hope that it will help others, here is my own solution. We are running a Samsung Note 5, and a Samsung S7 and trying to cast to a Samsung TV series UE50. Casting used to work, as did You Tube, but both now fail.

    Our solution was to download AllShare from the Play Store to our 'phones. Immediately the TV showed up again and we can cast photos, videos and music from our 'phones to the TV without further issue. Great result!

    You Tube casting is a litle trickier, but still possible. To do it, you need to ask AllShare for Online sharing. Then open the You Tube video you want to cast, and select Share (the circular arrow). Then you get a list of ways to share, including AllShare. Press AllShare and you get a choice to Queue or view immediately. Press either of these and it wil start to stream (or if queued it will wait for the current content to finish). For some reason it will not cast You Tube videos directly, but the above workaround is fine for us. Quality is excellent. We were so happy we bought the app (2.99 Euros), but it's free if you don't mind the ads. Also try Cinema apk.

    ...Samsung have messed up the customer communication, but technically it is not their fault. The DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) solution that they use still works just fine, which is how AllShare can connect to the TV. The issue is that YouTube no longer supports many of the formats used in DNLA and is migrating to HTML5 instead, which unfortunately the older TVs seem unable to deal with. Why Samsung stopped QuickConnect as well is beyond my ken, and will cost them consumer loyalty. Come on Samsung - either approve AllShare as one of your apps (or something similar) or at least let our cstoemrs know that it answers their needs.

  • @oreinein said in Casting Youtube to Samsung Smart TV:

    Samsung has deleted the You Tube app from its Smart TVs.

    Strange, Samsung US and Europe are not aware of that.
    Google doesn't mention anything about this.
    My Samsung TV's all do have a working Youtube app - I just checked.

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    I have facing same problem few month before to connect my iphone to samsung smart tv, search a lot and find [spam link removed] regarding this issue.Post having some smart device to connect your smart phone to your smart TV

  • I'm having the same issue, trying to find a way to get it working. Had a look at the link above and it's not really helpful. Just other ways to cast.

    I did some digging and debugging and I'm guessing it's some port or transmission being blocked somewhere. Nothing comes up in the firewall logs as being blocked though.

    Did you ever get to a proper resolution for this?

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