Torrent Packet Loss Wan drops

  • I have a dual wan setup running through a negate 3100 with 2 adsl lines to the same ISP. I have a traffic shaper with priority of p2p set to 1. I had to create a lan rule for it to actually assign anything to the queue though... That is beside the point though, this was happening either way. Whenever I fire up a torrent I am getting a bunch of packet loss reported, huge latency increase, and even gateways showing as down and moving to the failover. Wan 1 always has the packet loss, Wan 2 almost always has the latency increase, and wan 2 is almost always the one to "go down" even though it is very much up and still passing traffic for established flows. I have lowered the global connections which helped but I can't really go any lower. It is actually dropping too, a continuous ping shows the drops and latency spikes. I need to know how to fix this asap or I am gonna have to return this negate and get something like an ubiquiti firewall or something to try.

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