XG-7100 1U - ZFS vs UFS?

  • Hi,

    I am reinstalling pfSense from factory images on a XG-7100 1U. This was purchased with the 256GB SSD.

    The installer lets me choose between a guided install on either ZFS or UFS.

    What advice do people have on which to pick? Is ZFS the natural choice, as it's more resistant to power-loss issues, or corruption? Any drawbacks with ZFS?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Should be fine on a 256GB drive. I have muliple ZFS installs and have yet to see an issue.

    It's more hoops to jump through at the command line if you do have an issue. Some of the documentation expects UFS there for troubleshooting. In all probability you'll never hit that though.


  • ZFS is recommended. If you have 2 x 256GB SSD then use ZFS Mirror - n - Way Mirroring.

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