Some strange communication issues

  • I'm so sorry if this is a common question or a know fix / setting
    I love the pfsense router very powerful but I'm having strange issues I can fix regardless of firewall settings

    My Sony TV I can't restive code to like twitch tv
    Sum games won't connect to servers
    Local teamspeak 3 server not acessable outside of my network
    Can't remember the rest but just sum connection fail to ever work but any other router it works fine I have unp turned on

    Is there sumink I'm Missing

    Lots I Wana do but need to start sumwhere

    I have 1 ppoe Internet in for now, will have 2 soon

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    @Craigst said in Sum strange communication issues:

    My Sony TV I can't restive code to like twitch tv

    I can't parse that. Can you rephrase it?

    Local teamspeak 3 server not acessable outside of my network

    Do you have port forwards setup for it? Otherwise that would rely on UPnP as do some (badly coded IMO) games.


  • I have ports set up for sum of it, it just don't affect it I mean I have port forward everything to my pc and sum type stuff don't work I'm assuming there sum setting in pfsense I couldn't find as on my net duma router it works fine my TV works too, just noticed netflix won't load on my TV too on pfsense but does on net duma, I'm running both routers on there on ppoe for testing

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    Netflix doesn't require any config to connect. If that's failing it's something lower level like maybe an MTU issue or DNS failure.


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    Or he has some vpn client setup and blocked, or using HE for ipv6 tunnel, etc.

    There is no where near enough info here to even begin to start to help you.

    If your having issues with port forwarding

    If your having issues connecting to XYZ, where is it failing, does the fqdn resolve? Correctly? Do you see some sort of error? Are you using anything in pfsense that could be blocking? pfblocker, IPS, proxy? etc. etc.

  • It's a fresh install and my pc has vpn but turned off due to issues I understand this info is limited but I have basic networking knowledge I will check dns as I may have default as the steamcahce, my pc is cloud flare as had huge dns errors for a while I tryed portforwarding on for all ports to my main pc to try rule out, more specifically satisfactory won't connect unless on net dumas WiFi router even after ports forwarded but I will start to trace issues wires hark and see if pfsense can sort it, big one is teamspeak server not accesable from out side me network with 9987 and 11011 33033 or what eles it was
    Trying to connect from out side and inside using external ip

    Thanks for a place to start was expecting a block or sumink setting in pfsense as 2 options on wan ppoe connection made big issues I do Wana end up with dmz and 3 networks 1 server has 1 wan 1, 1 server has wan 2 for port forwarding fixes, and my pc has both wan 1 and wan 2 for speed

  • I did this for a year or so :
    "a teamspeak server running on some "server" device situated on a LAN - (mono) WAN is PPPOE"

    It's a matter of one "UDP on 9987" NAT rule.

    So it's a basic NAT rule and a click and done.

    (and a TCP rule for 11011 and 33033 if needed).

    WAN is PPPOE means : your WAN interface has your current "Internet IP"' assigned (is that so ?) so nothings else needs to be done.

    @Craigst said in Some strange communication issues:

    my pc is cloud flare

    Come again ?
    (now that's a huge PC you have there)

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    Something something beowolf cluster of those!

    I assume he means his desktop PC is using cloudflare DNS.


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