pfSense WAN lagg group

  • Hi,

    I am setting up an new xcp-ng cluster in a quarter rack.
    The datacenter is providing only 1 cat5 drop to my unit.
    What I would like to do is minimise the risk of downtime and have everything in HA with the single cat5 drop as the single point of failure.
    I have
    1x PowerEdge C6220 with 4x node
    2x Dell PowerConnect 5548
    2x pfSense (6 ports each)
    1x Dell Powervault MD3200i

    The plan was to create 1x vlan99 of 7 port on each switch.
    port1 - cat5 feed in
    port2 - pfSense1
    port3 - pfSense2
    port4 - pfSense1
    port5 - pfSense2
    port6 - conection to vlan99 to switch2
    port7 - conection to vlan99 to switch2

    port1 - conection to vlan99 to switch1
    port2 - conection to vlan99 to switch1
    port3 - pfSense1
    port4 - pfSense2
    port5 - pfSense1
    port6 - pfSense2

    The idea here is if a port on the switch fails, the wan remain online via the second port.
    Both PowerConnect are stack via HDMI.

    My question is:

    1. Is this feasible/possible
    2. is there a better way to do it?

    In pfSense I when I set 2 ports has lagg group with LACP and set it to be the wan.
    In the switch, I set all the port connected to the pfSense lagg to be lagg lacp.
    But then I lose the gateway and access to the internet.

    Does anyone know why I lose the connection to the gateway? Do I need to tell pfSense that it needs to be looking for vlan99?

    Thank you in advance

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