Q: Squid (sslports) and Lightsquid (restricting access to proxy reports)

  • We are using pfSense + Squid + Lightsquid and very happy with this solution.

    Two questions about:

    1. Is it possible to restrict access to Lightsquid reports with http authentication (other than admin account, to grant access only to respective reports)?
    2. Is there any standard way to edit config of squid (we need to change "acl sslports port …") to keep changes after upgrade of package (or after change settings via GUI and regenerating squid.conf)? Of course, sslports can be added to GUI, but in general it's not bad idea to have some file like "squid.conf.handmadechanges" which will be concatenated to squid.conf generated from GUI.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!

  • Q1 solved, found "Custom Options" ;-)

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