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  • Hello. I am running 6 Pfsense routers and overall they are great. All of them virtual, all of them setup for promiscuous mode, but only one of them (technically two) are using CARP for failover. I am seeing a weird behavior on the CARP enabled pfsense box on a single interface. All traffic on the subnet is see by the one of the 5 lan interfaces even traffic not destined to or from the pfsense router. I am seeing traffic with is within the vlan between two devices. This is almost 300mbs of traffic. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Yeah actually post some info that could help us help you...

    What part of what you posted do you feel someone could actually use to determine what could be the cause of whatever issue your having.

    Other than your running pfsense as vm you have provided zero info.. Is it prox, is esxi, is it hyper-v for your vm solution.. Sorry but we are not mind readers.

  • I appreciate your response and assistance. We are running vmware esxi 6.0 U3 on a DL380 G8 system. We have approximately 30 devices on the interface in question. PFSense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2 (amd64).

    The question/issue which i am trying to understand is 1) is this normal 2) if this is normal is there any way to reduce the traffic load 3) if this is not normal behavior (which we don't see this behavior on our other 4 systems which are configured similarly) then what questions can i answer or information i can provide to help me troubleshoot this further. 4) what information should i share to help spark the conversation?

    I know you are not mind readers, and your assistance is always appreciated. :)

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    Mmm, not clear what traffic you're seeing and where?

    Reading between the lines it sounds like you might have a misconfigured VLAN port somewhere that's become a member of all VLANs. But that's just a guess...


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