pfSense SG-4860 not starting after a maintenance stop

  • hey all!

    This week we had to do a maintenance stop in one of our pfSense SG-4860 but after a stop the firewall didn't go up.

    We are being hit by the same exact issue this reddit user points:

    I have an SG-4860 that seems to have died. When power is applied, the Status LED glows steady red, but there's no activity on the SATA LED and no output to the terminal. After a couple minutes the Status LED goes out, I can get it back by removing and re-inserting the power connection but the behavior is the same. I've double-checked my PuTTY setup and I know the proper driver for the USB console connection is installed.


    Is there anything we can do in our side?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    Can you open a ticket for your SG-4860 with us at

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